Events in Sainte Maxime, French Riviera

The city of Sainte Maxime proposes a wide range of events during the summer season. During the winter, it is also a very dynamic city, and definitely one of the most dynamic ones in the region.

From January to March, this is the good time to discover the Route des Mimosas. From Bormes Les Mimosas to Grasse, through Sainte Maxime, it is the opportunity to discover some of the most beautiful villages France has. Sainte Maxime is located on kilometer 42 if you start the promenade from Bormes. An ideal trip to discover the region.

On the 14th and 15th of May, the city celebrates Sainte Maxime, the Saint from where its name comes from... Born during the VII century, Sainte Maxime dedicated her life to religion. During the celebration, people are following the representation of Sainte Maxime in the city narrow streets.

On the 24th of June, we celebrate Sainte Jean in Sainte Maxime, and the arrival of the Summer with a bal and fireworks.

On the 29th of June, this is the fisherman Saint who is celebrated: Saint Pierre. This is the opportunity to bless the boats being launched for the first time. Traditional dances, sardinades are part of this celebration.

All year long, benefit from Sainte Maxime atmosphere through the "Ambiancez-vous" program. Concerts, shows are organized and are suitable for families. Choose your holiday rental Sainte Maxime and participate to one of these events.