Tourism in Sainte Maxime, on the French Riviera

If you spend a holiday in Sainte Maxime, you can be sure that you won't be bored! Thank to its location, Sainte Maxime offers many activities on the water but also in land, and this all year long. Sainte Maxime sandy beaches are obviously one of the reasons people are coming for. Made of long sand stripes or hidden in some creeks with crystal clear water, there is a place to sunbath for everyone. Visitors found of history will find in this typical south of France village, some narrow streets, the famous "Square Tower" and a pretty harbor that used to be the starting point to export local production during the XVIII century.

Those who fancy trekkings will see in Sainte Maxime a great place to establish their home base in order to explore all the region has to offer. Do not miss the "Mimosa road" with its 130 kilometers of promenade, activities and events, allowing you to go through some of France most beautiful villages. Whoever like water sports will find in Sainte Maxime some of the best spots of the Mediterranean to practice windsurf, bodyboard (yes, Sainte Maxie gets some waves, especially during the winter!), scuba diving. During the summer season, canoe and water skiing are to be tried!

Do not miss Sainte Maxime daily market and more generally speaking the villages daily markets. It is the opportunity to find local souvenir but also to taste and buy the food specialities of the region. If you decide to spend a holiday in Sainte Maxime, whether you come for a short or long period, no doubt that you will try to come back!